Anaheim and the ACLU: Playing Politics with Advocacy

The American Civil Liberties Union made waves when it led a lawsuit in Anaheim challenging the city’s at-large election system. Fair enough, the struggle between at-large and by-district voting does, at some point in a growing city, implicate voting rights. A non-profit organization that protects civil liberties in the courts is certainly appropriate in a democracy. Unfortunately, the ACLU’s role in Anaheim has been more about activism (or money laundering) than advocacy. As such, Americans of all political persuasions have reason to doubt whether the organization is a trustworthy guardian of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and civil liberties generally.

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Gail Eastman is the Republican Choice for Anaheim City Council

In a letter dated the 14th of this month, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, Scott Baugh, sent Anaheim Councilwoman Gail Eastman an abusive and threatening message. He demands that she cease and desist using images of elephants on her campaign mail. If she refuses the party’s central directive, she will suffer unimaginable wrath. You see, the incumbent Councilwoman is claiming to be the “Republican Choice for Anaheim City Council”. She does so, horror of horrors, despite lacking the official endorsement of the local GOP. (Note: No candidate managed to cut through the Anaheim haze to find said endorsement.)

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The Strange Journey of Brian Chuchua

Daniel Sterling Lamb:

Fun fact: Young Kim’s Facebook page just posted some pictures of the candidate sitting with Chuchua and the other Tait CRA/ARA drones. I mean, that is odd right? Seriously, what is wrong with Anaheim? We can’t even do corruption right!!!

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Originally posted on Anaheim Blog:

chuchua leosElfin-visaged Brian Chuchua is a fixture at Anaheim City Council meetings and a member of a gadfly claque that spends its time and energy attacking the council majority and singing hosannas to Mayor Tom Tait. He’s one of two known members of CATER, which styles itself as a group of Anaheim taxpayers who support “economic responsibility.”

He is a Republican who has run for city council twice. In 2010 he got 4.7% of the vote, finishing 8th in a field of 14 candidates. Two years later, he garnered 7% and placed 7th in a field of 10 candidates. He was endorsed by the conservative Lincoln Club of Orange County both times, and by the Republican Party of Orange County in 2012. 

In a short span of time, though, Chuchua has migrated concretely to the political Left. One sees the early stages in Chuchua’s staunch support in 2012 of John Leos, the Orange County…

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Jose Solorio is the Most Corrupt Politician in Orange County

Daniel Sterling Lamb:

I only met Art Pedroza once; nevertheless, I guess I “worked” with him in some sense as I posted a number of write-ups on his blogs, New Anaheim and OC Politics. This was when I first began writing and I was eager to get my ideas out there.
From the beginning, I noticed Pedroza’s obvious disdain for Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who is currently in a very competitive race for State Senate. In fact, he tried to convert me to the anti-Janet cause in our first meeting. Taking it upon myself to learn that the accusations of corruption were groundless, I became a fan of the promising Supervisor. It is interesting to reflect on the fact that Pedroza’s attacks against Janet only backfired, at least with respect to myself.
I think I can account for Pedroza’s obsession with Supervisor Nguyen. It comes down to a simple fact that I have insisted on learning the hard way over the past year. Blogs like that of Pedroza’s (in addition to his former blog are 100% pay-to-play. With that said, I am sure Pedroza is in the pocket of Janet’s long anticipated and current rival for State Senate, Jose Solorio.

Originally posted on OC Political:

The name calling from Jose Solorio in this election is just LAUGHABLE. Jose and his Sacramento cronies are the most corrupt bunch of politicians in the State!

While he was voting to increase our taxes 80 times, Fat Cat Jose was lining his pockets with boat loads of special interest money to the point that the FPPC stepped in and found he accepted illegal gifts from the MOST CORRUPT LOBBYIST IN SACRAMENTO HISTORY!

Jose’s top paid advisor, Ken Nguyen, was fined $700,000 for piracy by the federal court!!

And why isn’t anyone talking about his 4 Senate cronies that are facing criminal charges of bribery, corruption, voter fraud and putting lives at risk with reckless drinking and driving??? Maybe Jose’s paid for blogs could write about that!! Guess not.

I love it when political mail sources its claims from a BLOG! Nice try Jose.

Oh ya, and the blog source…

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DA Tony Rackauckas Hits Tait In TV Ad: “Anaheim Needs A New Mayor”

Daniel Sterling Lamb:

This is a lie, a really big lie. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas is one of the biggest allies of Anaheim’s Mayor Tait. The candidate purportedly being endorsed by the incompetent and lawless DA is Councilwoman Lucille Kring. But if you look closely, Ms. Kring is in the pocket of Mayor Tait himself. For example, she is carrying water for the Mayor and his phantom negotiations with Angels Baseball.

Orange County politics get dirtier by the day. This is nothing but an under-handed power play by the DA’s crooked chief of staff Susan Kang Schroeder.

Zero-hour is on the horizon, however, the Kang-Tait-Agran axis of evil and all involved, will soon find themselves behind bars. The powers that be will never be smarter than the people!

Originally posted on Anaheim Blog:

The heat in the contest for Anaheim mayor, already pretty intense, was turned up several degrees when this cable TV ad began running today. The spot from Citizens for Anaheim’s Future features OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas criticizing Mayor Tom Tait on public safety and gangs, and ends with the DA urging voters to elect a new mayor:

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MLB: A year in review

Daniel Sterling Lamb:

“My pick for the American League’s MVP is Mike Trout. Trout’s average (.287) was below what he usually hits, but he more than made up for the lack of average by blasting 36 home runs and driving in 111 runs. Trout’s timely hitting was key for the AL West champion Angels as he was the catalyst in front of sluggers Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. He was an all-star (again) not only because of his hitting, but because of his incredible range in the outfield and speed on the base paths. Mike Trout is your 2014 AL MVP.”

Originally posted on The Inkwell:


By Travis Jaudon, Staff Writer

The 2014 MLB Playoffs are in full swing, but before we completely move on to the postseason, let’s take a look back at the regular season and hand out the awards for the National and American Leagues.

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The Balkan Wars: 100 Years Later, a History of Violence

Daniel Sterling Lamb:

“We have not done enough damage yet, which is why we have to intensify it, widen it and add other measures”

Tony Blair

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007)

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007)

Originally posted on World:

A century ago today, the Balkan wars began. On Oct. 8, 1912, the tiny Kingdom of Montenegro declared war on the weak Ottoman Empire, launching an invasion of Albania, then under nominal Turkish rule. Three other Balkan states in league with the Montenegrins — Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia — rapidly followed suit, waging war on the old imperial enemy while drawing upon a wellspring of national sentiment in each of their homelands. By March 1913, their blood-soaked campaigns had effectively pushed the enfeebled Ottomans out of Europe. Yet by July, Greece and Serbia would clash with Bulgaria in what’s known as the Second Balkan War — a bitter monthlong struggle that saw more territory change hands, more villages razed and more bodies dumped into the earth.

The peace that followed was no peace at all. A year later, with Europe’s great powers entwined in the fate of the Balkans, a Yugoslav…

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