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Eric Holder’s business legacy: ‘Too big to jail’?

Originally posted on Fortune:

“That area of his record is terrible,” says Robert Weissman, president of the progressive nonprofit, Public Citizen.

Weissman is criticizing U.S. attorney general Eric Holder for his “utter failure to prosecute any [major] institution or person for the events that led to the financial crisis and all the ensuing social devastation.”

Holder announced yesterday that he’ll step down from the post he’s held since 2009 as soon as the president appoints a successor,

The popular vein of criticism being voiced by Weissman, and encapsulated in the phrase “too big to jail,” is the albatross that threatens to weigh down Holder’s legacy in the business realm.

It’s more than just a cheap shot leveled by people that don’t really understand the fine points and technicalities of the criminal justice system. U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, a former chief of the business fraud unit of the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office, published a…

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Anaheim’s Shame: Team Tait’s Second Planned Implosion

Just days after a campaign insider left Team Tait to join the rival campaign of Lorri Galloway, Mayor Tom Tait and his slate of candidates for the Anaheim City Council have suffered another self-inflicted wound. Attorney Doug Pettibone has withdrawn from the council race citing a 1999 assault conviction stemming from a conflict with his former wife. Sometimes an event just speaks for itself, but just in case…
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Mayor Tait’s Typically Bizzare Campaign Implosion: The Truth

I originally posted the following, in part, at Anaheim Blog as a comment, but as is the growing trend, it was censored. The pay-to-play bloggers can no longer keep up with the ridiculous and sinister schemes of their masters, the politicians and their consultants.

First reported by Liberal OC, the field operations manager for Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait’s re-election campaign, Pastor Stephanie Stieler, has left Team Tait to join Lorri Galloway’s rival campaign.

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Challenge Accepted: A GOP Argument for District Elections in Anaheim (Measure L)

Over at Anaheim Blog, Matt Cunningham publicly threw-out an interesting challenge:

I invite any pro-Measure L Republican who out there who thinks the measure they are supporting will not help the Democrats and will not hurt the Republicans to send me a post explaining why, and I will post it. It would make for fascinating reading.

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